Blackjack CX Embedded NVRs Include PoE, DW Spectrum IPVMS, the Whole Ball of Wax
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Oct 12, 2023 in Did You Know?, New Products, Technology
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The Blackjack CX PoE embedded NVR is a sophisticated yet easy to use and cost-effective recording solution, eliminating the need for complicated power and wiring installation. The NDAA and TAA-compliant NVR is a plug-and-play embedded NVR powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS with up to 15W simultaneous local PoE power on all ports, giving customers significant versatility on camera choices, with real-time 30fps live and recorded video capabilities. Eight additional ports are supported when you add an external switch. The NVR comes with alarm inputs and outputs, microphone/audio input and output, an Intel quad-core processor, 8GB memory and local display output up to 4K. The Blackjack CX is available with up to 40TB of internal storage and a 5-year limited warranty. Learn more here.

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