HD Video Balun Converter 
  • Real-time transmission over UTP cat5e/6
  • Compatible with all HD-Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and CVBS analog cameras
  • HD-CVI 720p: 1312ft (400M)
  • HD-CVI 2.1MP/1080p: 820ft (250M)
  • HD-CVI 4MP/4K: 656ft (200M)
  • HD-TVI 720p: 820ft (250M)
  • HD-TVI 2.1MP/1080p: 820ft (250M)
  • HD-TVI 5MP/4K: 590ft (180M)
  • HD-Analog 720p: 1148ft (350M)
  • HD-Analog 2.1MP/1080p: 656ft (200M
  • HD-Analog 5MP/4K: 590ft (180M)
  • Push-pin terminal connection for UTP cable
  • 60dB anti-interference and noise reduction
  • No external power required

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